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About Dynamics Staffing

Dynamics Staffing is a company driven by a team of top tech recruiters providing top-notch Microsoft Dynamics recruitment & consulting solutions. With years of experience in searching, interviewing, and hiring Dynamics 365 professionals, we have successfully brought on board developers, CRM consultants, NAV experts, support specialists, SL developers, Dynamics marketing assistants, software engineers, operational analysts, and similar professionals.

At Dynamics Staffing, we specialize in providing high-quality part-time consultants, dedicated developers & Dynamics 365 recruitment services. Our solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of organizations, ensuring they find the right expertise for their Dynamics 365 projects. 

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Part-time Dynamics Consultants

For businesses requiring flexible Dynamics expertise, our Part-time Dynamics Consultants service offers access to seasoned consultants on an as-needed basis. This service is ideal for short-term projects, specialized tasks, or supplementary support for your existing Dynamics team.

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Dedicated Dynamics Developers

Our Dedicated Dynamics Developers service provides full-time, expert developers proficient in Microsoft Dynamics solutions. These professionals are equipped to handle complex projects and integrations, offering reliable and innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Dynamics 365 Specialists Recruiting

Our Dynamics 365 Specialists Recruiting service is designed to help businesses identify and hire the most qualified Dynamics 365 specialists. We ensure a perfect match for your company’s specific requirements, whether you're seeking experts in CRM, ERP, or other Dynamics 365 applications.

Best Expert Solutions

At Dynamics Staffing, we pride ourselves on our deep expertise in the Microsoft Dynamics domain. Our team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in Dynamics 365, encompassing CRM, ERP, and other business applications. We understand the intricacies of Dynamics technology and are committed to providing our clients with top-tier talent and solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. With our industry knowledge and specialized focus, we ensure our clients receive the highest quality service and expert guidance in their Dynamics initiatives.

🌐 Our Mission

To deliver high-quality IT recruiting solutions and source companies with top tech talents. ​

🌐 Our Vision

To become a strategic recruiting partner for startups, SMBs, and international corporations.

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About Dynamics Staffing Recruitment Agency

Addressing a Dynamics 365 Recruitment Agency

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of applications designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. This top ERP system helps companies control their finance, marketing, sales, supply chain, HR, and customer service functions. Microsoft offers solutions for any budget and is easily scalable for fast-growing businesses. 

The platform boasts various functions that one can deploy on the cloud or on-premises. However, using its features is only possible with qualified Dynamics developers. The demand for these specialists is high, so hiring them is challenging and expensive. We recommend turning to a Microsoft Dynamics recruitment & consulting agency, and here’s why.

3 Reasons to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Expert via Outstaffing Agencies

Turning to a Microsoft Dynamics recruitment agency for getting your tech team on board has 3 main advantages:

Professional Expertise

The Dynamics recruiting specialists have polished searching techniques and hiring processes. Their in-depth understanding of the industry enables them to tailor their skills to your specific needs. Even if you have in-house recruiters, these experts will build your Dynamics 365 team faster and hire high-quality consultants, developers, and experts.

Optimized costs

Outstaffing remote MS Dynamics developers in Eastern Europe and other destinations allows businesses to cut project costs. That's because countries outside the US, Canada, and EU have lower living indices. For instance, you can hire a remote Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant at a 15-20% lower salary. Since payroll expenses are a major consideration, outstaffing proves to be a financially efficient choice


Since you sign a contract with a Microsoft Dynamics recruitment agency, you gain a degree of assurance. Should a new team member decide to leave or fail to meet your expectations, the agency commits to replacing the MS Dynamics developer. These obligations spare you from additional expenses and streamline the process of finding suitable replacements

Why Hire Dynamics Staffing Experts

Do you agree that building your Microsoft Dynamics dedicated team with an outstaffing agency is a good idea? Now it’s time to select the provider that fits your needs. Below are several criteria that help you identify a reliable partner.

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An outstaffing company's years in the market serve as a testament to its practical approach to finding and retaining MS Dynamics experts. These specialists are professionals in every aspect of recruiting, from searching to onboarding. Each month of experience further hones their skills and capabilities.

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Cases and reviews

To assess whether an agency is a good fit for you, review relevant use cases. These real-life examples will demonstrate how your partner meets customers' individual needs. You'll check the quantity of CVs they sourced, the number of interviews they held, and the time this company spent assembling similar Dynamics 365 teams.

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Cooperation formats

Payment conditions can also impact your decision to work with this or that vendor. Do you need only part-time consulting, or are you ready to hire remote Microsoft Dynamics developers full-time? Some entities only need recruiting assistance and want to employ engineers directly.

Benefits the Microsoft Dynamics Staffing Team Offers

Our top-notch recruiters hire Ukrainian MS Dynamics programmers, so all our clients can leverage decreased payroll costs and quick team assembly. But we offer even more benefits for you.

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Access to talent pools

The Dynamics Staffing recruiters form lists of developers with various tech stacks. Moreover, they can access their partners' databases through professional networks. This helps you reach tens of qualified Dynamics experts and leverage their expertise for your project.

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Operational assistance

We're ready to make your product development flawless and take on resolving all related administrative issues. These include onboarding Dynamics 365 programmers, signing contracts, sending payments, submitting tax reports, and staying compliant with local laws and regulations.

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Shared schedules

Since Ukraine is in Europe, its time zone is ideal for Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and other Western European countries. So you'll have synchronized business hours with your Microsoft Dynamics developers. American and Canadian companies also can have up to 100% of shared hours.

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Easy communication with team members

Unhindered communication is the key to the high effectiveness of your developers. So we ensure every Dynamics team member speaks and writes English fluently. That's why our recruiters filter out applicants with English levels lower than a B1.

4 Easy Steps to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Developer

How do we find Dynamics developers for you? Let’s go through the entire process and highlight 4 simple steps you need to make.

01. Share your requirements

Our managers call you shortly after you send the web form below. We define how many Microsoft Dynamics specialists you need and which skills they must have. Recruiters compose appealing job descriptions and start collecting resumes. This usually happens during the first week of our cooperation.

Our Recruitment Process - Dynamics Staffing
Recruitment Process by Dynamics Staffing

02. Check CVs

First, our specialists pre-screen the resumes of your potential GP or NAV developer with AI-driven tools. Then they manually filter out non-matching candidates using progressive approaches. This helps us decrease the time on processing resumes. Also, it allows us to show you the long list of vetted CVs within weeks 2-3. You’ll need to check them and define top candidates for interviews.

03. Join interviews

Once you pick up the applicants, our recruiting team will schedule HR interviews. We can also engage a consultant to help you assess the candidates’ tech skills and hire Microsoft Dynamics GP developer. Still, if you lack time, we’ll only ask you to arrange the final meeting with a project manager during weeks 3-5.

How We Work - Dynamics Staffing
Our Working Process Dynamics Staffing

04. Onboard Your Team

When you finalize the list of, for instance, Microsoft Dynamics NAV support specialists, we prepare and send job offers. And once developers accept them, our specialists handle signing cooperation and non-disclosure contracts. Once needed, they also assist in renting an office and buying equipment for your new team members. Onboarding typically happens between weeks 5-8.

Get the Microsoft Dynamics Specialist You Need

We offer Dynamics 365 recruiting, which means our Microsoft Dynamics Staffing experts will find, assess, and contract Dynamics specialists for your project. We’ll ensure they fit your tech requirements and company culture to make your cooperation reliable and mutually beneficial. Below is the list of positions our recruiting consultants can help you take on board.

Dynamics CRM Consultants

Hire Dynamics 365 CRM Consultants

These experts will customize and implement MS Dynamics 365/CRM solutions for your company. They'll also integrate this software with other external tools you use for operating. They are also responsible for investigating incidents, supporting tests, and preparing for deployment.

Dynamics 365 Developers Icon

Hire Dynamics Developers

These coders program components of the Dynamics 365 applications and build ERP infrastructure. They create tech documentation and check if apps comply with quality standards. JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET, HTML, and SQL databases are the core competencies of Dynamics 365 engineers.

MS GP Migration Experts

Hire Microsoft Dynamics GP migration experts

Switching to Dynamics 365 Business Central is easy with GP migration specialists. They'll help you move to cloud-based solutions, start online data processing, use web-enabled UI, and integrate with Office 365. Secure your data while making it more accessible and improve your analytics and reporting with these experts.

Dynamics Marketing Assistants

Hire Dynamics Marketing Assistant

These specialists help set up marketing apps and configure relevant initiatives. They craft marketing forms, analyze customer journeys, support webinars, run marketing campaigns, and manage leads and customers. They're skilled in Dynamics 365 model-driven apps and Microsoft Power Platform.

Dynamics NAV Experts

Hire Dynamics NAV experts

The Navision engineer will help you customize cloud-based CRM and ERP modules. If you own a midsize or growing company, the Dynamics NAV module, assisted by experienced developers, is the right fit. They boast hands-on knowledge of supporting accounting, trade, production, logistics, HR, and administrative functions.

Our Services

Services the Dynamics Staffing Team Offers You

The services we deliver go far beyond passing you the CVs of candidates. Our Dynamics recruiting team helps you make your job announcement catchy. Assessing tech and soft skills are our core competencies. In addition, we deal with HR, accounting, and operating tasks for your team. Here are more details on what we can do for you.

Dynamics Candidate Sourcing Service - Dynamics Staffing

Dynamics Candidate Sourcing

After our recruiters get all the details about the Dynamics 365 positions you need, they post the vacancies on local tech job boards. Also, they use niche-specific criteria to identify the right matches on LinkedIn. They leverage professional networks and keep updated their own talent pools of Dynamics engineers to source qualified and ready-to-work programmers.

Pre-Employment Screening Service by Dynamics Staffing

Pre-Employment Screening

Background tests help us assess how well a GP or NAV developer will fit the role and your workplace culture. Among the parameters we can assess are critical thinking, knowing how to use new information, attitude to the company's ethics, readiness to take on responsibility, etc. Our pre-employment screening includes checking skills, personality, aptitude, integrity, and emotional intelligence.

Dynamics Tech Interviewing Service

Technical Interviewing

When clients plan to use Microsoft Dynamics infrastructure, they often don't have tech specialists to test candidates. And the Dynamics Staffing team is ready to cover this gap. Since we collaborate with many consultants and senior Dynamics 365 developers, engaging them in technical interviews is easy. We'll find experts to assess the specific skills of your potential teammates.

Dynamics Staff Recruiting Service

Staff 365 Recruiting

Our company embraces the entire Dynamic recruitment cycle. We help you craft appealing job descriptions, promote them on relevant resources, and process CVs. We run HR tech interviews, send job offers, and contract your team members. Our specialists collect and store the personal information of engineers. They prepare cooperation agreements and NDAs and onboard your Dynamics specialists.

Dynamics HR Support service

Dynamics 365 HR Support

The Dynamics Staffing team doesn't only hire remote Microsoft Dynamics developers for you. We assist your dedicated engineers throughout our cooperation. Our agents find office premises and pay rentals. They purchase equipment and software. Our accountants arrange salary transfers, while HR specialists retain your staff.

Hire Dynamics 365 Dedicated Development Team

In the dynamic world of business technology, the need for specialized expertise is more critical than ever. Dynamics Staffing bridges this gap by offering to hire dedicated Dynamics developers and dedicated development team services. Our offshore dedicated development teams are not just technically proficient; they bring in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies. By choosing to hire dedicated Microsoft developers through us, you gain a strategic partner capable of driving your business forward with tailored Dynamics 365 solutions.

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Dynamics 365 NAV (Business Central)

Our dedicated developers are adept in Dynamics 365 NAV, delivering advanced financial management solutions that streamline your business processes and enhance financial performance.

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Dynamics 365 GP (Great Plains) Devs

Specializing in Dynamics GP, our teams offer robust business management solutions that integrate financials, inventory, and operations, tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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Dynamics 365 AX (Finance and Operations) Devs

With expertise in Dynamics AX, our developers provide comprehensive enterprise resource planning solutions, optimizing your business operations for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP Developers

Whether it’s enhancing customer relationships with CRM, streamlining enterprise processes with ERP, managing complex projects with SL, or engaging customers effectively with CE, our dedicated teams bring specialized knowledge to each aspect of Dynamics 365, ensuring your projects succeed.

By hiring a dedicated development team from Dynamics Staffing, you leverage the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules, ensuring technology solutions that are not only innovative but also perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Services by Dynamics Staffing

Dynamics Staffing stands out with its comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services. Our team of experts provides tailored Dynamics consulting solutions, ensuring that your business leverages the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365. From initial strategy formulation to execution and maintenance, our consulting services encompass all aspects of Dynamics 365, offering specialized guidance at every step. Our Dynamics 365 consulting services include:

Dynamics 365 Logo Blue Icon

Strategic Planning and Advisory

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services begin with understanding your business objectives, followed by strategic planning to align your technology with these goals. This approach ensures that Dynamics 365 solutions are perfectly tailored to your business needs.

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Implementation and Customization

We offer Dynamics 365 consulting to assist in the seamless implementation and customization of Dynamics 365 modules such as NAV, GP, AX, CRM, ERP, and SL. Our approach ensures that each solution is fine-tuned to your business processes.

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Dynamics CRM Migration and Upgrades

With our Dynamics 365 migration consulting services, we guide businesses through the complexities of migrating to Dynamics 365 or upgrading existing systems. Our team ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

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Ongoing Support and Optimization

Beyond initial implementation, our Microsoft Dynamics consulting services include continuous support and system optimization. We help you adapt and evolve your Dynamics 365 solutions to meet changing business needs and market demands.

By choosing Dynamics Staffing for your Dynamics 365 consulting needs, you gain a partner that not only understands Microsoft Dynamics but is deeply committed to advancing your business with these robust solutions.

Let Us Do the Dynamics Recruiting for You. Fast and Easy 🚀

💡 When hiring a Microsoft Dynamics specialist, consider working with a recruitment agency. Outstaffing developers in Ukraine will help you find the best-fit professionals within weeks and decrease project costs. With the Dynamics Staffing team, you access Dynamics 365 talent pools, engage top experts, and delegate their operating assistance to professionals. 

🎯 We help you hire Dynamics developers, 365 CRM Consultants, GP migration experts, NAV engineers, and marketing assistants. Our agents will source, pre-screen, interview, and onboard your programmers. And while we handle accounting, HR, and operating issues, you stay focused on the project and managing your dedicated team.